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Let's Reclaim your Power

If you have been a past dieter (like me) you get what it's like for food to have too much control over your life and wellbeing.

Unfortunately, many women who attempt a ketogenic diet begin with a Dieters Mindset and look at it as the quickest way to lose weight.  

If you have that mentality when you start and you heavily restrict food, focus only on calories and look at food merely as numbers, this ultimately sets you up to fail. 

If you approach keto from a holistic perspective, to restore your health and support your body, that’s when permanent weight loss and real transformation happens.

Working 1-1 as a VIP Client you... 

Develop realistic lifestyle changes that work for your unique body and goals.

Start eating high quality foods that nourish your body and get you burning fat for fuel!

Lose the weight (for good) by understanding how the metabolism functions and the 3- part framework for weight loss!

Become your own Health Advocate and truly understand how to make your body work for you!

Freaking LOVE what you see in the mirror!

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Imagine Living Your Life..

  • Free from sugar cravings and unhealthy binges
  • More energy (without the afternoon crashes).

  • Having the tools to make changes to your customized plan 

  • Enhanced brain function and improved digestion

  • Never feeling stuck at a weight loss plateau again

From Sugar Burner to Fat Fuelled Female

The majority of the population rely on sugar (carbs) for energy. When someone consumes carbs for breakfast, lunch and dinner they are referred to as sugar burner. 

Our society as a whole is overfed and undernourished, from processed and refined foods (literally everywhere).

A carb rich diet can cause food cravings, energy highs and lows, moodiness, weight conditions, inflammation and a host of other chronic health issues!

As a past sugar burner I had a list of digestive issues with bloating being at the forefront.  

No matter how "healthy" I ate I struggled with the bloat.

It wasn't until I transitioned over to a high fat diet and removed suspect foods that I was able to get my energy up and confidence back!

When you train the body to become ketogenic, you switch from using carbs (glucose) as your main fuel source to burning fat (ketones) for fuel. 

Unlike carbs, fat keeps you feeling full and provides a sustainable energy, that food isn't constantly on your mind.

You reset your hunger hormones, so you naturally start to regulate our appetite and re-train our pallet.

Your eating habits evolve and reaching for that afternoon sugary snack becomes a distant memory

Weight loss feels SO much easier, since you don't feel like you are starving. 

You slowly begin to heal the body from the inside out.

Your brain feels less foggy, food cravings diminish and a new sustainable energy, with limitless amounts is born (BOOM!)


I have been coaching women since 2012 and I was chronic dieter  for 10+ years.

I truly understand the frustration with nutrition and the dieting culture. 

I GET what it’s like to want freedom over food and to just find something that works (it's exhausting).

With my education and unique coaching style I will simply the science in a way that’s digestible and easy for to understand. 

I am a straight up type of coach who cuts through the BS.

In our 1-1 coaching sessions we dig deep and get to the root of why you haven’t YET, gotten the results you want.  

We work together to create specific weekly goals that bring you closer to your desire results!

As your coach I help YOU design a program that complements your lifestyle but is also enjoyable, effective and produces results!

 ❌ Dieters look at weight loss as struggle with a lot of restriction


✔️ FAT FUELLED FEMALES look at losing weight as a process and a by-product of rebalancing systems in the body and improving their health. FFF know they can eat foods they love by making healthier options that still taste good!


❌ Dieters only look at the amount of calories in food.


✔️FAT FUELLED FEMALES are mindful of calories, but also look at nutrients, satiety levels and food quality


❌ Dieters stop listening to their body’s and think the best way to lose weight is to slash calories 


✔️ FAT FUELLED FEMALES Learn to trust their body's understand there are 3 phases of weight loss and that it’s not only about calorie reduction


❌ Dieters think the lower the carbs the better.


✔️ FAT FUELLED FEMALES know everyones body is unique and each persons carb tolerance will be very different based on their health goals.


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3-Part Framework of the Fat Fuelled Female Method


Hack your biology with wholefoods & high fat

Designing your customized plan

Amping up metabolic fire 

Becoming a Fat Burning Machine

So That You NEVER have to start another diet ever again! Bringing your Body into alignment with its natural Biology!



Creating Metabolic Flexibility

Strategically designing a Fasting protocol to assist with healthy weight loss  

Using Fasting to repair your body and do some "housecleaning"

So That You NEVER have to white knuckle it through the hunger pains because your body runs off 2 fuel sources


Fuel Up

This is the phase most women miss!

Adding more food into your nutrition program keeps the metabolism healthy

Help with exercise performance & lifestyle component

So That You NEVER have to feel exhausted or depleted from continuously lowering your food


YOUR Version of High Fat

When people think of a Ketogenic diet they assume it is super low carb and difficult to follow!

Ketosis is actually a metabolic state and you may be surprised to learn your body has gone into ketosis without you being on a ketogenic diet!

It's a hard pill to swallow telling someone they can't eat carbs EVER again, and it is simply not realistic for many to follow!

When you create ridged rules around food for long periods of time, you can develop a Dieters Mindset.

This type of thinking can create an unhealthy relationship with food, cause disordered eating, binge eating and often overexercising.

Your version of keto will be very different from the next (as it should be!).

Once you train the body to burn fat for fuel (this takes around 4 weeks) you have become a FAT FUELLED FEMALE!

At this point, it is about experimenting with carbohydrates and seeing what works best for YOUR specific goals!

Cycling carbs in provides a psychological release and makes eating high fat, a real lifestyle change that doesn't feel hard to follow!

When you are a Fat Fuelled Female you are metabolically flexible and have the best of both worlds being able to efficiently switch from burning carbs to burning fat with ease!

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Client Love & Success!

What's Included VIP Coaching:

  • 1-1 Coaching available in 2, 3, or 6 month packages
  • Customized Nutrition Program
  • Personalized Supplement list
  • Transformational Mindset
  • 1 hour weekly Coaching via zoom
  • 8, 12 or 24 sessions (2, 3 or 6 month packages)
  • Direct Support through email
  • WhatsApp Communication
  • Access to the FFF portal with over 40 training  videos
  • Weekly Downloads & Workbooks
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
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The truth of the matter is, the only way to lose weight, and keep it off is by creating a plan that works for YOU!


It's NOT about following a diet for 2 months then reverting back to your old habits and behaviours


IT IS about designing a nutrition program that becomes a lifestyle and also strengthens your body from the inside out!


What is comes down to is…


Knowing how to design a nutrition plan that is specific for YOU (not anyone else) 


Until you understand how to create YOUR customized, version of keto you will waste time and money trying nutrition program, after nutrition program, with not being any closer to hitting your goals.


Many women continue spinning their wheels, feeling uncomfortable in their body and beating themselves up for not being able to stick with their “diet.”


It’s not because you lack willpower or motivation it’s because most diets primarily focus on fast results not SUSTAINABLE ONES.


When you have the tools and strategies for you to design your own program you take full control and ownership over health and are able to achieve the results you want!

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Become a Fat Fuelled Female if...

You DON'T want to start another diet AGAIN

You want to strengthen your metabolism and understand it more!

You want to lose weight but more importantly keep it off!

You want to stop self sabotaging and start living your best life

You want to learn how to design a customized plan that works for YOU (that you can rinse and repeat!)

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