If You Don’t Know Exactly What is causing your Bloating, how will you ever know how to get rid of it? 




Walk Away with the exact steps you need to take, to eliminate bloating once and for all!

The REAL REASON You Can't get rid of bloating is because you are focusing on the WRONG Things!  

Think of ANYONE with radiant health, their skin glows, their body is in shape, they have rockstar energy, and they just seem like happier people, right?

And you think, maybe it's supplements, organic foods, skincare products, or their exercise routine?

But there is something else they focus on, that you may not have been aware of (until now!)   

It’s eating SPECIFIC foods to support their UNIQUE GUT HEALTH

Have ya ever noticed how one person can eat dairy breakout with acne, have smelly farts (eww) and be stuck on the toilet.

Yet, another person can have no reaction whatsoever!?

It’s because YOUR digestive function and YOUR gut health is very different than anyone else!

So, although a food may be "healthy" it may not be right for YOU.

Do any of these symptoms or questions constantly cross your mind?

  • Why am I bloated after meals?
  • Why do I get constipated and have inconsistent bowel movements? 

  • Why do I have intense sugar cravings?

Look — we all have heard the phrase “you are what you eat” 

But you are NOT what you eat - but what your BODY can actually digest, absorb, assimilate and doesn't eliminate.

And the cause of your symptoms ALL stem back to YOUR GUT Health.

The Cold Hard Truth is:

If You Don’t focus on Your GUT Health

You Will Remain Frustrated, spinning your wheels trying to figure out why you have crappy energy, difficulty losing weight, bloating all throughout the day, and why acne seems to plague your life.


Eating the wrong foods (you can't digest or absorb) won't bring you any closer to resolving your annoying symptoms...

and since it's not helping the situation it will most likely make matters worse! 

And this very thought process:

That eating healthy food is “all you need to do”

Keeps so many people stuck with digestive issues that never improve.

And the worst part?

Many people don’t even REALIZE they’re making this mistake...

Which can be causing  nutritional deficiencies, brain fog, constipation and a negative impact on your health (and maybe you didn’t realize it either… until now).

This is a mistake I want to help YOU fix!




  • Discover hidden foods that cause Bloating and Gut Imbalances
  • Finally gain the clarity you want around your health (and the right steps to take)
  • Learn how to actually repair your gut and how most people are going about it completely backwards!

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Hi I'm Marja Chow your Nutrition Coach!

Being a Holistic Nutritionist for 10+ years, I’ve helped hundreds or clients say bye-bye to the bloat, get through weight loss plateaus and improve their energy - by primarily focusing on food quality, digestion and gut health.

As a past chronic dieter, I struggled with a bloated belly, constipation adult acne and mood swings!

I thought I was doing all the "right things" to lose weight, have a flat belly and feel confident in my clothes -when I was actually doing more harm by jumping from fad diet to fad diet. 

Quick fixes will provide quick results- but those results rarely last and never get to the source of the imbalances in your body.

Let's face it nutrition can be confusing, conflicting and overwhelming!

In Bye-Bye Bloating Master class i will provide as much clarity, and coaching as I possibly can, to get you taking action and moving in the right direction!




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