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Imagine what it would be like to... 

Maintain a healthy weight and not have to start a new diet ever again.

Look in the mirror to LOVE what you see and feel confident in your skin.

Have so much energy everyday, that life just felt easier.

Create a nutrition plan that you enjoyed but also provides lasting results and kept you feeeling full!

Take control of your health and have the clarity, certainty and knowledge so you could stop wasting your time confused on what to do!

Become a Fat Fuelled Female and Ditch the Dieters Mindset

If you are like many of my past clients before they started working with me, then chances are you may have felt exhausted from the dieting culture... and frustrated from having low energy and lack of results!

Women often think they need to become more restrictive with their diet, they need try harder, have more willpower, maybe throw in an extra cardio session to get the results they want. This way of operating is called having a...


Not only will this behaviour leave you frustrated and burnt out...

the worst part is, all that suffering produces minimal results that just don’t last! 

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See what Past Members are Saying!

 ❌ Dieters look at weight loss as struggle with a lot of restriction


✔️ FAT FUELLED FEMALES look at losing weight as a process and a by-product of rebalancing systems in the body and improving their health. FFF know they can eat foods they love by making healthier options that still taste good!


❌ Dieters only look at the amount of calories in food.


✔️FAT FUELLED FEMALES are mindful of calories, but also look at nutrients, satiety levels and food quality


❌ Dieters stop listening to their body’s and think the best way to lose weight is to slash calories 


✔️ FAT FUELLED FEMALES Learn to trust their body's understand there are 3 phases of weight loss and that it’s not only about calorie reduction


❌ Dieters think the lower the carbs the better.


✔️ FAT FUELLED FEMALES know everyones body is unique and each persons carb tolerance will be very different based on their health goals.

The Power of a Community

When you make a huge lifestyle change, it’s a BIG deal.

Having a friend, coach, or even better a GROUP in your corner makes ALL of the difference.


You are going to have amazing days, and not so amazing days on the road to a healthier YOU (which is totally normal).

In the group you are able to communicate and express everything you are experiencing!

This is a place where women reach mile stones together and celebrate accomplishments, whether it be a bite size goal, aha moment, or a massive achievement!

By becoming apart of the Fat Fuelled Female Community  you will be working alongside women with similar goals while creating connection and accountability!

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It's NOT your Fault. 

Having a Dieters Mindset is how most people have been conditioned to think about weight loss and health. 

This causes women to waste energy and precious time, trying every single diet (hoping the next one will work).

Shame and guilt rise to the surface, when you can't seem to stick to your plan.

Which Leads to having a "cheat meal," which turns into a cheat weekend... where starting fresh on Monday seems like a regular occurrence.

This way of thinking keeps women stuck on the hamster wheel of their weight loss journey and actually causes more pain and distress on your mind and body. 

If you are trying to improve your health...I don't have to tell you that this seems like pretty ineffective strategy right!?  

Yet so many people (including myself) have fallen into this trap!

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The 3-Part Framework of the Fat Fuelled Female Method


Hack your biology with wholefoods & high fat

Designing your customized plan

Amping up metabolic fire 

Becoming a Fat Burning Machine

So That You NEVER have to start another diet ever again! Bringing your Body into alignment with its natural Biology


Creating Metabolic Flexibility

Strategically designing a Fasting protocol to assist with healthy weight loss  

Using Fasting to repair your body and do some "housecleaning"

So That You NEVER have to white knuckle it through the hunger pains because your body runs off 2 fuel sources

Fuel Up

This is the phase most women miss!

Adding more food into your nutrition program keeps the metabolism healthy

Help with exercise performance & lifestyle component

So That You NEVER have to feel exhausted or depleted from continuously lowering your food

What your life could be like as a Fat Fuelled Female...

Be free from sugar cravings and unhealthy binges

Have more energy (without the afternoon crashes).

Have the tools to make changes to your customized plan 

Enhance your brain function and lift the fog

Improve your digestive capacity and reduce the bloat

Never feel stuck at a weight loss plateau again


Are you tired of hearing "experts" say... 

"If you want more results you just need to eat less and exercise more!"

While this approach can be a temporary solution, restricting calories and over exercising is NOT your only choice here.

And to be honest, it's NOT the best one either.

ANY Nutrition Plan can work well short term, when your motivation is high.

But what happens when your willpower starts to slip and you're sick of eating the same boring food and low caloric intake?

For many women the weight slowly creeps back... with the scale increasing higher than before.

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It's time to take Ownership of your Biology

Many Diets Fail since the metabolism stays ridged, continuously in sugar burning mode (running off carbs).

When this happens the secondary system, known as the fat burning system is never activated!

When you create metabolic flexibility - which means your body can seamlessly go from burning fat into burning carbs...

YOU have a lot more control over your metabolism and how you FEEL.

Many diets FAIL since metabolic flexility never switches on and the primarily focus is on calories.

Listen, the food you eat is derived of calories (duh). But calories are a component of weight loss, not the entire picture! 

Think of your body as a Beautiful Chemistry Lab opposed to a basic calculator!

You have the power to take control of your health and get your body working for you and not against you!

Don't beat yourself up if you worked your butt off to lose the weight...

and it came back (this was me for SO many years).

It's not because you went off the diet, it's because the methods you were using were NOT sustainable in the first place.

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The Fat Fuelled Female Method is for YOU if...

You DON'T want to start another diet AGAIN

You want to strengthen your metabolism and understand it more!

You want to improve your relationship with food (once and for all).

You want to lose weight but more importantly keep it off!

You are always looking for the next diet and want freedom and simplicity around nutrition

You want to stop self sabotaging and start living your best life

You want to learn how to  customized plan that works for YOU


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Client Love

Abba S.

"Marja's knowledge & passion about nutrition is super inspiring! She explained cyclic ketosis in a way which was really easy for me to understand. My energy is through the roof! I would recommend her as a nutritionist for anyone wanting to adapt a high fat diet!"

Veronika M.

"Marja is the smartest person I know when it comes to nutrition. She’s always full of information and you can really tell she loves what she does."

Katey G. 

"I gained so much knowledge about my health! I dream about our conversations (literally) as it's been embedded in my brain. She has taught me about the misconceptions around nutrition and shared her secrets to feeling good about yourself." 

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