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Marja Chow Nutrition offers services in nutritional consulting and coaching. Consultation on the subject of health and nutrition are intended for general well-being and are not meant for the purposes of medical diagnosis, treatment or prescribing of medicine for any disease.

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Full disclaimer: The material you’re about to consume, the mentorship and coaching you’re about to receive, and the journey you’re about to embark on will only get you results if you do the work. My commitment to you is that when you commit to starting, we’ll make sure you make it through to the end. With that being said, please know there is no magic pill, and you need to put in the work.

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Gut Health Glow

When you become a member of Gut Health Glow it includes:

  • The 8 Essential Training Modules *Understand the HOW to steps, but also the WHY
  • The Fundamental Supplement List that is specific for YOUR Gut type  
  • Menu Plans for feeding and fuelling your body with tasty nutrient rich food! 
  • Essential Food List  know the food to eat and the ones you have to avoid in each phase 
  • Supplements to support digestion, immunity and give the "good bacteria"  a healthy home!
  • A Blueprint to follow based on your gut imbalance  So that you know the EXACT steps to take! 
  • How to reduce your toxic load  so that your body and mind are able to perform at a very high functioning level!

PLUS, you can rest easy knowing I’ve taken out all ALL the risk from investing with a 30 day money back guarantee!

What People Are Saying:

I didn't see the connection with how the food choices I was making was effecting my energy levels, my sleep and my weight. The course links everything together and Marja teaches in a way that is easy to understand and follow. Very happy I invested in Gut Health Glow!

Jessica, 48 - Mortgage Broker

I had no clue what leaky gut was until I did Gut Health Glow. I've had stomach bloating problems and insecurity around my mid section for years. I am so happy I invested in this course as it has changed my life forever

Sherrie - 43 Realtor